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Carlton History Enquiries

CCHG is a volunteer group with limited research and people resources.  We welcome enquiries about Carlton, its history, people and businesses and will help wherever possible. Check our Frequently Asked Questions page first. If your enquiry is straightforward, or can be answered from previous research, there will generally be no charge. For more detailed research, we request payment of a year's membership @ $20 per calendar year. We will advise you of any charge prior to commencing the research.

It is very important that you provide us with full details of your enquiry, including copies of documentation (for example: birth, death and marriage records or notices) and a list of sources you have already checked – both successful and unsuccessful – in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of research. Help us to help you – it is not enough to say you have "searched online". Please include an email address or telephone number so that we can contact you, if necessary, for further clarification of your enquiry.

If you use research information provided by CCHG in a published work, we request that you acknowledge CCHG as the source and include a link to our website for electronic publications. We also request that you send a copy of the published work to CCHG, at the above postal address. Your research contributes to the history of Carlton and may help us answer future enquiries.

Building History Enquiries

CCHG is unable to undertake building history research, as this work can be very time consuming. However, we can assist in advising you on available resources, such as council rate books and postal directories. We can also advise on changes to council ward names, street names and numbering, as the building that you now own or occupy may have had a different address in the 19th century.

Detailed instructions for a specific address can be prepared for payment of a year's membership (as above).

Building Plans and Historic Photos for Restoration Purposes

Prior to 1916, there was no requirement to lodge building plans with the Melbourne City Council. For properties built or substantially altered from 1916, selected building applications and plans are held by the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV). You need the building application number (prefixed by "BA") which may be obtained from the Melbourne Building Application Index (available online via the family history database Ancestry.)

CCHG has a limited collection of historic photos and we rely on secondary sources, such as the State Library of Victoria and Picture Victoria.

School Records

CCHG does not have access to enrolment or pupil registers for schools in Carlton, North Carlton or Princes Hill. If the school is still in operation, your first approach would be to the school itself, otherwise you may have to search archival collections of government or non-government schools (for example: private or faith-based schools). Some government school records are held by the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV).

Archival records from the Carlton North Primary School (Lee Street) were transferred to the Department of Education & Training in 2021, in preparation for digitisation. The physical records will eventually be transferred to PROV.

Missing Persons and Adoption Enquiries

CCHG has access to publicly available records only and is unable to assist with tracing missing persons or family members who were born in Carlton and adopted out. However, if you have an address in Carlton where the adopted person was born (for example: from the birth certificate), we may be able to confirm whether this was a hospital, an institution, a private residence or a midwifery service. Depending on the research time involved, there may be a charge (as above) for this service.

Privacy Statement

The Carlton Community History Group (CCHG) values the privacy of our members and website visitors.

We will only record your details, such as your name, postal or email address and telephone number, if you:

Your details will not be shared or disclosed to anyone else without your consent.

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